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Tax Lawyer and Tax Disputes

Tax Law and Tax Disputes

Tax Planning

As business lawyers and tax lawyers, we work closely with accountants and financial professionals to implement business transactions that can take advantage of provisions in the Income Tax Act and other legislation to order your business affairs in the most efficient way possible.  These include asset rollovers, estate and business freezes for orderly business transactions, and planning on other tax issues.

We can also work with you to document your agreements and business purposes.

Tax Credits

Our lawyers have experience working with small businesses engaged in scientific research and development and can assist in applications for tax credits (SR&ED), as well as other grant applications.

Tax Disputes

While most of our work is solicitor oriented, rather than litigation, our experience in business law and familiarity with tax planning and the Income Tax Act allows us to offer business clients unique assistance in disputing tax assessments including farming classification, employer/contractor classifications, business income, and tax planning strategies.

Unlike other areas of law, tax disputes are almost entirely fact dependent and many disputes can be solved by appeals and out of court dispute resolution. We can review your situation.