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Common-law and Prenuptial Agreements


We can draft an agreement that reflects your relationship

Once you live in a marriage-like relationship (common-law marriage/cohabitation) for two years or get married, newly acquired assets and equity may become family property.   Add certainty to your relationship with a common-law agreement.

The new Family Law Act by defaults states that common-law or married spouses have a right to split both new assets as well as any increase in value of pre-existing assets, inheritances, or trusts that occurred during the course of a long term relationship. Similarly, spouses may also be responsible for certain family debts.

A well written property agreement is a way for those in long term relationships to promote a common understanding over what assets are family assets and what assets are kept outside of this relationship.  This could include specifying whether a spouse can reside in a residence after separation or whether business shares, real estate, and other assets should be accounted for after the relationship ends.

We can meet with you, go over your assets, income, obligations, and expectations, and help negotiate a property agreement that is fair to both you and your spouse.