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Probating and Administering Estates


Simplify the probate process

After a loved one has died, there are many tasks that need to be done. Planning a funeral, safeguarding of assets, obtaining probate, selling property, handling investments, preparing income tax returns, etc. Our knowledgeable probate and estate lawyers and legal assistants offer affordable solutions to efficiently distribute an estate and help Executors navigate probate.

We have years of experience in handling both routine and complex estates and working with Executors. If someone has died without a will (intestate), we know the procedures that need to be followed so that the deceased’s assets will go to their next of kin. If probate of a will is required, we have the expertise to handle this smoothly so that you are put to as little stress as possible.

Probate is the process of obtaining official court approval of a Will so that the Executor can deal with the assets of the deceased. For example, without Probate the Land Title office will not allow an Executor to sell land owned by the deceased.

If a loved one has died, please give us a call and we will gladly discuss the situation with you.