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Choosing a Name

Choosing a Name

A company is allowed to have its own distinctive name and identity. By ending the name with “Incorporated (Inc)”, “Limited (Ltd)” or “Corporation”, customers and business associated will know that they are dealing with a company and not an individual.

You will need to include the company name on places of business, invoices, orders, and contracts in order to meet the legal requirements of the Business Corporations Act and provide notice to the public that they are dealing with your company, rather than you personally.

You can either register as a numbered company (ie. 08577189 BC Ltd) or using a distinctive name like Bourquin Laundry Inc. A good place to start is to search online for your name and see if any other companies in BC use that name. We can also search the names database for you. With each name registration, you can try up to three variations of your name in case your first choice is rejected.

By incorporating a name, you generally provide protections in BC against another company having the same name. If you plan on doing business across Canada, you can go an additional step and register your business name as a trademark.

By default, however, the a common-law trademark is established by merely your name alongside the sale or deliver of products in a local area. Once you begin using a name, a competitive product cannot pass themselves off as being your product.